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hail mary

In case you didn't already know, Bloody Marys ease the pain and make completely insane, perhaps even stupid, endeavors seem "worth it."

For example: Yesterday's Carneros Vineyard Run. I was registered for the 10K, but when I got out of the car and the rain was coming down sideways and the wind threatened to blow the hat off of my head, it was all I could do to keep from driving home and crawling back into bed. I sacked it up as much as I could and did the 5K instead. And yes, it sucked. Royally. (And was actually much, much worse than my Portland Marathon experience.) And I felt like I was going to freeze to death in my wet clothes afterward.

But after one sip of that Bloody Mary, all pain was temporarily forgotten. (And yes, in case you are wondering, that really is bacon. You can thank Boon Fly Cafe for this genius idea.)

And then there was today's brick workout: A 33-mile ride on a route that included Chalk Hill, followed by a 6.5-mile run (during which I was so thirsty that I thought my throat was going to crack open and bleed -- yes, folks, these are the dramatic images that go through my mind while running).

I deserved every drop of this:

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