think of holding pee

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

That's what my physical therapist said to me today.

Apparently, my knee pain is due to misalignment. I guess your big toe is connected to your knee somehow, and my big toe lacks flexibility, which affects my knee. Also, my lower abs are weak, so my hips and glutes aren't engaging the way they should. All of this combined means my legs tend to roll in (in fact, I got my SF Half pics today, and I'm so knock-kneed in them that I look like I have to go to the bathroom -- no wonder I hurt myself).

How to solve this problem? My PT sent me home with several ab- and butt-strengthening exercises, as well as some big toe stretches. And she told me I'm supposed to "think of holding pee" while I'm doing these exercises so that I activate the right muscles. I did my first set of them tonight. Let's hope they do the trick!


Christina said...

My lower abs are weak, too, and that is part of my problem with my hips! I am supposed to "tighten my girdle" when I am doing my exercises and stretches.

Are you really vegetarian now?


Michaela said...

Going on week three of no meat!

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