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coming clean

Clearly, I have a problem.

Went to Lucy and lululemon today. Both stores had sales. I left the former with three tops, two bras and two pairs of yoga pants. I left the latter with four tops and a pair of running shorts.

I am trying to justify all of this by telling myself that because of marathon training, I am working out more than ever, therefore I need new clothes for said activities. (And did I mention I'm racing next weekend? Can't be running the SF Half looking raggedy.) Also, when spandex gets old and starts to wear out, it becomes see-through, and the world does not want to see my butt through my pants, therefore I should get new clothes. Also, and perhaps more importantly, there was a sale.

Makes perfect sense. Completely and totally logical.


Jennifer said...

I love that Mari has already claimed all the new clothes.

Michaela said...

Yup, and it also looks like she's chosen the lululemon shorts as her favorite. Such good taste!