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Sunday, July 18, 2010

We did a tough, hilly 12-miler here in Chickenland this morning -- lots of butt-burning climbs, winding country roads and grazing cows. That's Neveia and me slogging up one of the final hills on our route.

My last few long runs have been pretty strong (slow, but steady and without issues), but for some reason, I was off today. I felt sluggish, tired, heavy -- even though I'd gotten plenty of sleep last night and rested on both Friday and Saturday.

I suspect diet is the culprit. My stomach was not happy even before the run started (let's just say I was pretty much running on empty because my system decided to expel all food). As a result, during the workout, I was simultaneously starving and cramping. (Really glad we only went 12 miles -- can't imagine what might have happened if we were out there longer.) I'm trying to remember what I ate yesterday, and I'm realizing that I succumbed to a lot of "mall food" -- a frittata from A.G. Ferrari, a hot dog from Stang's (at least it was Niman Ranch beef and not mystery meat from an undisclosed location), a pizzette from Cheesecake Factory (I know, right? I never go there). I had thought I was making good decisions at the time, but apparently, my GI tract thought otherwise.

The plan moving forward: Cut down on the rich foods -- especially dairy -- 48 hours before a long run.


Christina said...

I'm sad that our gourmet foods cause internal stress for you! :(
If there is cheesecake in your future save it for me...I felt fine!

Michaela said...

Don't be sad! I should've known better than to indulge in so much cheese. Also, I haven't really been eating that much meat, so I think the hot dog was a little tough to digest.

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