at last, race weekend is here

Friday, July 23, 2010

Starting to get really excited for race day -- largely because I haven't run since Tuesday, and I'm feeling antsy as hell. I just want to get out there! (And as you can see, I've started my pasta feed a day early -- tonight's dinner was whole wheat spaghetti with some tomatoes from our little garden patch out back.)

It's funny -- hadn't planned on tapering this week because I was looking at the SF Half as a training run. Apparently, my body thought otherwise, and it's been freaking out on me non-stop. I've basically been forced to taper.

The knee/thigh pain and swelling have calmed down, but tonight I found a random bruise on my foot (seriously, no clue where this came from -- like I said, I haven't done any running since Tuesday, and I don't remember anyone stepping on me in stilettos), and I keep noticing little aches in my legs and ankles, even when I'm not moving at all. I don't know why this seems to happen to me before races (right before the Avenue of the Giants half I suddenly had what felt like a sprained ankle -- even though I hadn't actually sprained my ankle). Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me? Can a person imagine pain?

Anyway, I'm just happy this weekend is finally here. It will be a fun time -- and the course actually goes past our old apartment in SF. I already know I'm going to feel nostalgic! (And maybe that nostalgia will distract me a little from the all those hills ... )

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