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Thursday, December 21, 2006

The past few days have been a feeding frenzy.

First, Terzo on Monday. Then Tuesday was Project Open Hand's Hand to Hand luncheon, which our winery sponsors every year and which featured dishes from the chefs of Greens, One Market, Americano and Ana Mandara, among others. (My favorite course was dessert. The pumpkin bread pudding from Loan Co of the San Francisco Marriott was unbelievable. I didn't want it to end.)

And if lunch wasn't decadent enough, Jessa and I went to 415 for our gifty-gifty exchange that night. (We had orginally planned on dinner at Osteria, but the restaurant is the size of a shoebox, and I was told -- rather coldly -- that the wait would be an hour since we didn't have reservations.) This was our first time at 415. The restaurant is pretty new, and it's sort of a weird idea -- Asian fusion in a primarily Jewish neighborhood. We ordered edamame, a spicy hamachi roll, something called the Red Dragon (which was extremely, extremely spicy -- like if you ate your lip-plumper and it made your entire mouth swell up), a side of snow peas and fondue for dessert (yes, fondue at an Asian restaurant -- I told you it was strange). And our server was awkward. Very awkward. He saw we were exchanging gifts, so his opening line to us was: "Can I offer you the gift of cocktails to start?" Oh, man. Honestly -- glad we checked it out, but not sure how long this place will be around.

Then there was yesterday. We had our marketing team off-site meeting at the Carneros Inn, which is amazing -- and if I ever have $400 to spare, I would love to spend the night in one of their cottages. Our team had lunch at Farm, the inn's brand-spanking new restaurant that has been getting rave reviews and is nothing short of spectacular (yes, even for lunch). The menu is seasonal and ingredients are locally sourced. I really wanted to order a full-on three-course meal, but I was afraid of looking like a complete pig in front of my co-workers, so I settled for two appetizers instead: the butternut squash soup with apples, chanterelle mushrooms and fried sage; and the tuna tartare with housemade Yukon Gold potato chips (which turned out to be the best chips I have ever eaten in my life). All of us also split a wood-oven pizza and a dessert.

For dinner last night, I was off to Frisson to meet some girls from college -- people I haven't seen or really even talked to (or thought about) in a very long time. The meal was sort of like the conversation: showy, but not terribly memorable. I don't like being reminded of why my past life is my past life. And I don't like servers who try to make you feel guilty for not ordering appetizers and a bottle of wine for the table.

Of course, the mass consumption isn't over yet. Tonight, we are meeting friends at my my favorite restaurant, which sadly, is closing after the New Year because the landlord has raised rent. They're looking for a new location; I want to suggest the vacant apartment across from ours, but somehow, I don't think that will work. Anyway, should be a good meal tonight. (Especially since we will also be celebrating some big, big news -- I'll spill all details tomorrow.)

And this weekend is huge, too. Family descends on Saturday. Food itinerary (yes, of course, there is a food itinerary) includes the best sushi in the Bay Area and what is arguably one of the top three restaurants in San Francisco. My mouth is watering just thinking about this.

Here's to elastic-waisted pants!

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"(Especially since we will also be celebrating some big, big news -- I'll spill all details tomorrow.)"

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