family winemakers tasting

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I am still reeling from Sunday's Family Winemakers tasting. Not because I got drunk (which I didn't -- I spit, thank you very much), but because there were just so many damn people. I mean, look at this photo. It's like half the Bay Area went to Fort Mason to drink wine. (And there were some fabulous drunks there. Very entertaining. We're talking mouths turned completely blue. Lots of stumbling. And shouting for no reason. And constant toasting and clinking of glasses.)

Obviously, I didn't make it to all of the more than 400 wineries that were pouring. (Honestly, the drunken masses kind of made me want to flee.) But these are my favorites of the ones I visited:

* Rotta (the Dessert Sherry will make you want to get naked and roll around on a plush carpet)

* Barreto (loved the Verdelho)

* Ceja (white table wine -- interesting blend)

* Skewis (great Pinot)

* Heidrun (mead!)

* Corison (pouring a 96 Cab -- amazing)

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