mmm. sushi.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Went to Kabuto tonight for dinner -- I am now so full I can barely keep my eyes open. (And the Man who Wears Mismatched Argyle Socks? He's already asleep. Totally passed out on the couch at this very moment. Will he oversleep tomorrow or will he wake up in time to get a haircut and go to the Ferry Plaza farmers market as he planned? That's anyone's guess. It's funny how you so easily reschedule your entire day for 15 minutes of additional sleep. I do it nearly every morning.)

By the way ... I heart aji. I also like the sammy roll. And the hamachi topped with a slice of pear and a dab of mustard was unbelievable (sounds strange, but trust me -- it was amazing).

Unfortunately, I don't think I like abalone, which I tried for the first time tonight. The texture reminded me of a chicken tendon (and I hate chicken!), but with zero flavor. But maybe I'm just complaining because I haven't had the "real" abalone yet or whatever.

Final observation: At Kabuto, tamago is listed in a special section called "Popular and Unique." This makes me laugh. Because the only other person I know who orders tamago as often as I do is my 8-year-old cousin.

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