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My parents used to tell me not to make nasty faces at things because a "bad wind" might blow and then my face will get stuck forever.

Living dangerously right now.

Apparently, I should've listened to their advice. Remember how I said these things about Minneapolis? Well that wind must be howling something fierce because I keep finding myself in Viking Land. I was there last week for the second time this year.

Confession: It's not that bad. In fact, it's kind of growing on me.

Yes, it was humid. And yes, I did often hear the comment "You're lucky you're here now because in a week or so we'll have mosquitos." And yes, in the middle of our alfresco dinner Friday night, the sky broke open and seasoned our bowl of lobster guac with a downpour.

But lobster guac can be salvaged. And there were seats indoors. And I would gladly brave mosquitos for a bite of this:

Asparagus and burrata from Corner Table.

(Just looking at that photo makes me salivate.) The manager also brought us a taste of this Oregon Pinot ...

I know. I'm giggling too.

... and then we geeked out on wine styles and what to make of wines that have clearly been created as a big "FU" to wine critics and others who expect wine to taste a certain way. (The debate: Is doing this art? Can you actually make a living with these wines? Is it smart to alienate a large portion of your audience? Do you have to like a wine because it is seen as cerebral and challenging? Man, it was a good discussion. Dear rest of the country: More of this kind of conversation, please.)

I also ran along the Mississippi River ...

... went for a swim in Lake Calhoun (which was actually so warm I could've gone without a wetsuit) and spent an evening tooling around town on a rideshare bike -- an adventure that involved finding a restaurant with a wine list that is entirely at cost ...

This was only $18. I know, right?

... reading poetry on bridges ...

... and taking in the view. 

Other random sources of delight: This Salvation Army that has a basement full of Target samples at ridiculously good prices. (I bought two dresses, a pair of shorts, a denim jacket and a crocheted top for $59!)  This gym and its immaculate five-lane pool that barely anyone swims in. This coffee house, which is also a bike shop and has walls covered in taxidermy and old bike frames. And of course, the rooftop deck and '90s hip hop and sipping wine by the fire pit while fireworks go off after the Twins game.


Layla said...

Wait. A coffee shop that's a bike store and has taxidermy on the walls??? Have you moved in yet?

Michaela said...


Layla said...

Mmmmmmmbop. Is that better?