see you in hell!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things that make me feel like an asshole: Yesterday at work I told someone we wouldn't be able to give his program the funding he requested. And then he got in his car and got T-boned at an intersection down the street by a woman who ran a red light. He then texted a photo of himself on a stretcher to my co-worker.

Also, I really hate it when homeless women hold up signs that say "Pregnant Please Help," but you can't actually tell if they are truly expecting. (And on that note, who knows if they are actually really homeless? And am I even more of an asshole for asking that question?)

And finally: Sometimes I pee in the shower at the gym. I can't help it. I don't think I need to go, but then as soon as that warm water hits me, boom, the floodgates open.

(Oh come on. Don't tell me I'm the only one. We all know all the fun people will be burning in hell together. Walking on hot coals party! Woo!)

P.S. Remember My Little Pony? 


dirtytsang said...

how has no one commented on you peeing in the shower? well i don't really shower in the gym but i can still relate. also have you heard of the term called bronies? if you haven't you need to look it up and cloppers...and be prepared to be really disgusted. miss u M. Wish you the best of luck in Berlin - we will be somewhere in switzerland at that time.

Michaela said...

Maybe I'm such an asshole that no one wants to address my asshole-ness but you?

dirtytsang said...

I love your asshole-ness!

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