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Saturday, August 10, 2013

You know you are at a wine event when there are people dressed like this:

Greetings from Texas, where the weather makes me feel like I'm being suffocated by a wool blanket every time I step outside. But I can't complain because I had good TexMex today. (Pieces of pineapple in an al pastor taco? Never would've thought it would work, but it does.) And the wines they're pouring here are all kinds of awesome (especially the Amarone I tasted tonight, not to mention the fantastic Pinot from Wind Gap, Failla and Rajat Parr -- I have missed Pinot since moving to Washington -- not exactly the right match for the state's climate). And I'm excited about the seminar lineup. (I get to start my day tomorrow with a sparkling wine tasting. Breakfast of champions, my friends.)

Since I just left the opening night dinner early to do a 45 minute workout in my hotel room (I'm such a Type A nerd), and the airport has pretty much become my second home (been to SEA four times this week!), thought I'd offer the following tips for getting some exercise while traveling for work:

Scout your surroundings ahead of time. Does your hotel have a gym? If so, what equipment is available? Is there a pool you can actually swim laps in? Are there running paths nearby? Some hotels even have programs where you can borrow workout gear (everything from running clothes and shoes to yoga mats and straps -- I was at a Westin last weekend and they offered Brooks gear on loan for a small fee). Check online and see what's available, and plan accordingly. If your hotel doesn't have good fitness amenities (or if you're not staying in a hotel), research the nearby area. Look for gyms with day use passes, community pools, trails, bike rentals, etc. Yoga studios and places like Bar Method also offer good drop-in options. I also love renting a paddleboard for a few hours if that's at all a possibility -- best core workout ever.

Know your itinerary. When can you sneak away? Will you have to wake up early? Leave an event early? Develop an idea of when you may have some downtime from your work schedule and be prepared to make quick exits so you can get a fast workout in.

Check the weather. It's supposed to 100-plus here in Texas this weekend. Clearly, if I want to run outside, I'm going to have to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn, or pack an enormous water bottle and get ready to suffer. Most likely, I'll end up sleeping in a little and testing my mental fortitude by running on the treadmill. Boring, but at least I won't be dying of heatstroke in a strange city.

Give yourself options when packing. Running gear is standard for me, but now I've learned to always pack a swim suit, goggles and a cap. Because I've been in situations where unexpected open water opportunities popped up and then it got a little awkward when I didn't have the proper attire. (But let's not discuss this right now.) Oh, and yoga pants are an easy staple to pack too.

Use your smartphone. I love the Yoga Studio app. It's pricey, but such a worthwhile investment. It offers 15-, 30- and 60-minute classes focusing on strength, flexibility, relaxation or a combination of those. You can also create your own class by choosing poses to string together. I can't tell you how many times this app has saved me. (Ahem, tonight.) Another app I'm testing out: Absolute Abs. (I have the free version, and so far, I've done the beginner workout. It's a little confusing because the instructor tells you to do an exercise and then times you, but the app doesn't actually explain what the exercise is.)

And finally: Be flexible. Things most likely will not go as planned. Your flight may be late. Your meeting may run long. You may end up having one too many glasses of wine (um ... ) or having such an incredible, unforgettable time somewhere that you can't bring yourself to leave so you can go do planks by yourself on your hotel room floor. Realize this will happen, and forgive yourself if you miss a workout.

And with that, I think I'm going to draw a bath now. Because (1) I really like the phrase "draw a bath" and (2) hell, I'm in a place where I can actually draw a bath.

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Angela said...

Indeed, those are some quality pants.

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