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vikings, vineman

This is called work.

And it's kept me so busy lately (donning a Viking helmet and wielding a wine bottle is more time-consuming than you think) that I haven't been able to do much of anything else.

I still owe you a Vineman recap. But in the meantime, thought I'd share a few behind-the-scenes race tidbits I learned via my job. The run portion went through one of our wineries, so I actually did a little Vineman promotion as part of my every-day duties.

One of the stories I pitched focused on what was consumed at the aid stations during the race. Unfortunately, the writer didn't end up using the info.

Now we can't let such juicy facts go to waste, can we?

Hence: The Vineman 70.3 "Menu," By the Numbers

The bike course (total of three aid stations)

  • 6,600 bottles of water 
  • 3,600 bottles of Gatorade 
  • 720 Clif Bars 
  • 12 cases of bananas

The run course (total of nine aid stations)

  • 80,000 cups used for water and Gatorade 
  • 90 cases of Oreo cookies 
  • Clif Shots (number not confirmed) 
  • Clif Shot Bloks (number not confirmed) 
  • 27 giant, Costco-sized bags of pretzels 
  • 360 2L bottles of RC Cola (my personal favorite -- for some reason, triathlon makes me want soda)
  • 54 cases of fruit (mix of bananas, peaches and grapes)

Ninety cases of Oreo cookies! How can someone not want to write about the sheer weirdness of that?

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Layla said...

Wow! So many cookies!
And the former journalist/editor in me wonders if that writer's editor knew about the numbers. Editors and page designers love "break-out" boxes with lists of interesting facts -- and so do readers who don't want to actually read a bunch of gray text. I'm guessing something got overlooked. But, hey, that's what your blog is for!