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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I think I am finally done being sore from Sunday's race. The past few days have been interesting, full of awkward shuffling, avoiding stairs and going to bed with an ice pack. Note to self: Next time, train.

Other than the ridiculous post-finish line pain, the Water to Wine half was fine. I ran with Matt for the first seven miles, during which we entertained other runners with intellectual conversation about topics such as what whale poo looks like (this has long been a burning question of mine, and Matt actually knew the answer: Reddish and liquidy), how we want our corpses disposed of (he wanted to be weighted down and thrown in the ocean, thus potentially ending up inside a whale -- he apparently really likes whales) and the most recent season of "The Vampire Diaries" (it is so nice to know someone who shares this guilty pleasure).

Matt eventually took off and finished in 1:53:03, and I plodded on, as any undertrained, injury-paranoid yet completion-driven runner would. My goal was to use the race to gauge my fitness and what I need to work on for New York. The results:

  • Downhill running. Even these smallish rolling hills made my quads unhappy.
  • Glute strength. Hamstring strength. Core work. Basically, anything to support good form.
  • Not starting too fast.
  • Not letting my right foot turn out when I start to get tired. (Bad habits die hard.)

I finished in 2:06:48. Not my best time, but not my worst. (Thank you to the woman who pulled me along -- when I was flagging, she ran up behind me and yelled: "Come on, girl! Don't drop the pace!" We ended up sprinting to the finish together and hugging. Aren't runners the nicest people?)

And then I stretched in the grass and ate a bowl of rice and beans.

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