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freak out!

This is what happens when you're a cat and you're confused about how things are supposed to work.

Clearly, Mari's DJ career is never really going to take off.

In other news, I just realized Vineman is two months away. Even more unsettling: I'm in the third-to-last wave, which means that if I don't get my act together, the course could close while my slow ass is still out there backstroking swimming. Also, if I do manage to finish the swim, I will likely be running in extreme heat. And you know how much I love heat.


So I've been hitting it hard this week -- bricked today, yesterday and the day before. (In fact, on Wednesday I did what resembled a reverse tri with very, very long transitions: Run in the morning before work, bike at lunch, swim after work. As you can imagine, I passed out sideways on the bed before 9 p.m. that night.)

I haven't been following a training plan at all over the past few months -- I've just kind of been winging it. At first, that seemed OK, but my Type A personality is getting the best of me, and I may actually have to start scheduling workouts. Right now, I'm aiming for something that involves swimming, biking and running three times a week each (and obviously, there will be bricks), with some Pilates, hot yoga and cross-training thrown in.

I also need to rein in my diet. No more grilled cheese orgies. No more growlers of Damnation. No more burritos four times a week.

And I need to sleep more.

Ack. Sometimes I seriously think I'm crazy for signing up for this thing.


shaymo said...

i'm so impressed with you! i would love you to recommend a good half-marathon for me, a first-timer who fears big hills or scary terrain. sometime 4+ months from now would be ideal. even more ideal if you were already planning to do a half that i could join you on (only in the joining, i don't expect you to snail along with me) i need a goal and would love to do that... xoxo, shaymo

Michaela said...

Yes! Let's pick one to do together! Maybe in the fall? How about the Big Sur Half in Monterey? That one is flat and pretty.