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Monday, June 07, 2010

Training for Portland started today with a little cross-training at the gym -- lifted weights, did some lunges and squats, worked on abs. I'm following Hal Higdon's Intermediate I program. I had so much success with his half marathon plan, and I'm hoping for the same with the full 26.2.

Though part of me is shocked by how quickly training time came around again, another part of me feels it couldn't have come soon enough. I've basically spent the past two weeks stuffing my face non-stop. In fact, I believe I ate tempura three times over the course of seven days. I've also been on this insane ramen kick -- I've had that three times in the past two weeks, and one of those times also involved Spam. Last Thursday, I discovered La Trappe and practically dove headfirst into a bath of Belgian beer, frites (with aioli dipping sauces, of course), mussels and some kind of crazy sausage dish that looked like a sea of cream buoying several wiener-shaped barges.

And then there was this weekend. We went to San Diego to visit friends. It was a short trip -- flew down Saturday and flew back Sunday. And because our time was so limited, I felt like I had to eat non-stop in order to experience as much of San Diego's food as possible. The second we got off the plane, we were eating. Started off with eggs in Little Italy and then walked down the block to Extraordinary Desserts (seriously, so worthy of the name -- check out the caramelized chocolate lava bun, above -- that's really what it looked like on our table -- not a photo pulled from the Web site). Then there was an Allagash flight at the Blind Lady, a Mexican chocolate popsicle at Viva Pops, housemade tofu (as well as more ramen) at Tao, more beer, late-night biscuits and gravy, and a bluegrass brunch complete with egg-and-macaroni-and-cheese bake at Urban Solace.

I am so, so glad to be running again!

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