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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Contrary to what you may think, I have not run away to live with the semi-feral cats that inhabit the Lagunitas parking lot.

Rather, my silence is due to the TV crew that is currently absorbing all of my attention, prompting me to work eight days in a row (and yesterday was an 11-hour day that began at 6:30 a.m.), wake up at 4:40 a.m. due to early morning dear-god-have-I-forgotten-something panic attacks and lose my appetite to the point where the only thing I want to ingest is green juice.

And this madness will continue for another 48 hours.

A few things I have learned throughout this process:

There is no time to wash dishes or throw anything in the trash. Collecting empty beverage containers on your desk is much easier.

What a jib is.

It is completely possible to have your cell phone, desk phone and text messaging all go off at the same time, while you are already on a phone call.

It is also completely possible to be expected to simultaneously write a draft, look for a logo, pick up bottles of wine, order a banner, call three people, plan an event and hunt down wardrobe items.

Camera crews look like they just rolled out of bed for a reason. With each day of filming, my fashion has become progressively worse. By Thursday I will likely be wearing pajama pants, a sweatshirt, clogs and a fanny pack.

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