weekend of ramen, part 2

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To continue this tale of gluttony ...

On Sunday on our way back from Watsonville, we pulled out our ramen list ...

... and decided to stop at Kahoo, whose shoyu soup has been called "quite possibly the best ramen ... outside of Japan" by this blogger.

I was all set to order the shoyu until I started perusing the menu ...

... and the kotteri miso -- a thicker, heartier, garlicky broth -- caught my eye. So despite the sweltering heatwave (seriously, I really hate the weather we're having right now), I went big.

Nothing about this bowl was shy. If it were a wine, it would definitely be Napa Valley Cab. I felt completely indulgent slurping this down, especially when I got to the chashu -- man, talk about fatty, melty goodness! (Yes, I am a bad vegetarian, but only when it comes to ramen. All exceptions are made for ramen. I live by interesting rules, I know.)

Anyway, I'm now recovering from my ramen bender. I hit the gym last night with Cara -- we're trying to meet once a week to lift. (By the way, I am so sore today that it hurts to laugh.) And I ran this morning and went to Pilates tonight (don't you love double days? I do). And I've finally put my training plan together for the SF Half (less than six weeks left to prepare -- yikes).

Ramen = Why I run.

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