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Monday, June 13, 2011

To recover from the work insanity, we headed south to San Diego. What can be more calming than an afternoon at the beach?

It's all about finding a good work-life balance, right?

Or perhaps -- and more importantly -- it's about finding Japanese food heaven. Our discovery: Mitsuwa Marketplace. I had to try really hard to keep from squealing with delight.

When we walked into the store, we were greeted by an okonomiyaki stand. I just love these Japanese pancakes! (Side note: I am mad for Kewpie mayonnaise.)

The store itself is massive. There is an entire section devoted to nothing but pickled food. (I really wanted to buy the pickled umeboshi plums, but alas, I wasn't traveling with a cooler and couldn't keep them refrigerated.) And I just about died for the Japanese makeup, too -- I came home with some sparkly nailpolish!

But the best part -- the absolute best part -- was the ramen. Yes, folks, Mitsuwa has a ramen stand called Santouka.

I ordered a bowl of their miso ramen with some rice and an egg on the side.

So, so incredibly good.

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