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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Today: Eleven hours spent with the jib crew, shooting B-roll with a camera attached to an 18-foot pole.

Honestly, I find it miraculous that nothing was broken and no one was accidentally hit over the head.

We shot tasting rooms and bottles and cellars.

And gardens.

And we took a very tasty lunch break. (Because if you're going to work in wine, you might as well enjoy the perks, right?)

Oh, spring vegetable risotto! Favas, how I love you!

But the best part was the barrel room. Imagine 300,000 square feet of cellar filled with 65,000 barrels. And all of the lights are on a motion sensor system. And it is after-hours, so the only people there are two camera operators and little old me.

Guess who got to sprint up and down row after row of barrels to keep the lights from turning off?

Man, it was fun -- probably one of my most memorable runs!

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derrick t. said...

Please let me know if you ever have to run that route again!

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