trail season ends

Sunday, April 17, 2011

So I accomplished my Annadel goals. I am not in a hospital bed right now, and I traded my XL race shirt for the correct size. Winning!

Also a plus: I finished in 2:45:42, according to my Garmin. (According to the clock, it was 2:46 and change -- and there was no chip timing.) I was aiming for sub-3, so I'm pretty happy with this. Yes, it's not a super-fast performance, but considering how technical these trails were and how the first half of the race was very nearly a continuous climb with a few breaks here and there, I'm thrilled.

The bad part: I'm pretty thrashed. Since the first eight miles involved climbing, the rest of the race was a descent -- a rocky, gravelly one at that. My runner's knee started acting up big-time -- with a full-blown flare-up just before the finish. But I made it. (A huge thank you to Lisa for running with me throughout the entire race -- we took turns leading and pacing each other. Gratitude also for all Turtles who volunteered -- so awesome to see friendly faces on the course!)

And so marks the end of trail season.

The training group celebrated tonight with a party. We filled our plates.

And our glasses too.

I marinated some portobello mushrooms in olive oil, sesame oil, shoyu, umeboshi plum vinegar, garlic, green onions and Urfa Biber to put on the grill.

They were such a hit, that I had to fight for this little slice!

Anyway, I will probably let the trail shoes be for awhile. It's time for a much-needed break.


derricktsang said...

I am so proud of you Michaela! Cheers to the break! I have a feeling you'll be ready to go sooner than you think though ;-)

Michaela said...

Thanks, Derrick. You know me too well: I'm signed up for the Santa Barbara half (less than three weeks), Bay to Breakers and the Windsor Green Half. Three races in a row. I might be an addict.

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