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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I came home tonight to the most wonderful scent: Todd was eating his leftovers from Shoki.

If only I had leftovers too. But I inhaled my entire bowl, broth and all, when we ate there Saturday after Derrick's race. (If you're going to run 50 miles, there had better be a fantastic reward at the end. And Shoki is nothing but fantastic.)

We started with the fresh tofu appetizer. (Is it weird that any time anything comes topped with bonito flakes, I automatically think of my cats?)

Then I had the soy milk ramen with a soft-boiled egg.

I know it sounds like a bizarre combination, but let me just tell you: The soy milk broth is absolutely freaking amazing. It's really subtle and has a different kind of texture -- a sort of light creaminess that transforms the bowl into Comfort Food Nirvana. Added bonus: The servers give you a side of sesame oil and suggest you eat half of the bowl, then add the oil. I did this, and it was an all-new experience -- like I had two bowls of fantastic ramen instead of just one.

Dear Shoki: Please move to Chickenland. Please.

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derricktsang said...

Haha I like that it's here since it gives you a reason to visit us!

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