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I do box jumps now

They're little ones, but I do them.

To mix things up over the off-season, learn how to lift and try something new, I started going to Alchemy, a studio with classes that are sort of a hybrid of yoga, strength and high-intensity intervals. It took me awhile to get used to the class format. (Also, I feel like everyone in these classes is young and ridiculously good-looking, and I'm like the old lady who shows up covered in cat hair and asks too many questions about form and modifications.) The yoga is definitely not traditional, and I occasionally feel like a bumbling fool when it comes to working with weights, especially heavy ones. ("You want me to do what with what?") And let's not even talk about pull-ups and how I can't reach the bar without using a box to get myself up there.

But whatever. The workouts are fun and challenging, and everyone has to start somewhere. And I can definitely feel myself getting stronger -- especially when I'm swimming.

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