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hello, 2018

To prep for the 2018 race season, I sent my coach my goals for the year. They include a new half marathon PR (because it's been seven years and dear god, where has the time gone?), beating Big Ginger in the swim at Victoria this June, and learning how to flip-turn (one day I'll be a "real" swimmer).

I also signed up for my tri team's January challenge, which is all about developing healthy habits like drinking 64 oz. of water a day (I fail at this constantly), not looking at a screen 30 minutes before bedtime (which I'm also terrible at, thanks to my NY Times crossword app addiction), and foam-rolling for 15 minutes every day (yup -- bad at this too).

I need to drink four llamas a day.

But outside of health and fitness goals, there are three things I want to do more of in 2018. I wouldn't call these resolutions -- that makes them seem heavy and obligatory and not at all fun. And these things are all about feeling good and fulfilled and whole. Who doesn't want to feel good and fulfilled and whole?

So here goes:

Travel. This is what I miss most about my new life in Minneapolis; when I lived in Seattle, I traveled almost every week for work, and now I only travel a few times a year. (First world problem: I lose my MVP status on Alaska in 2018 -- first time not having it since 2013. I'm just not flying enough anymore. It makes me sad.) My little heart is restless for new places! Since I'm not racing Ironman this season, I have time for more trips.

Make things. Whether it's baking more bread with Pat the sourdough starter (for the record, Pat has changed my life, and I can't tell you how much I love spending weekends baking) or writing fiction again or taking more art classes, making things -- learning things, trying new things -- feels so good.

Give back. I just started volunteering for Feline Rescue (hello, leveling up my cat lady status!) and will be helping with a few upcoming events, including a running event (more on this soon -- it's going to be awesome) and their annual Glitter Ball.

Lots of exciting stuff in the works! Cheers to 2018!

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