praise cheeses!

Monday, May 23, 2016

You know how people go on vacation and get all wild and crazy and then come back pregnant? That's pretty much what happened to me, except my baby is made entirely of cheese. Swiss cheese. Gruyère. Appenzeller. Emmentaler.


I was in Switzerland recently with the mister and his family for about a week, and then we did a two-day layover in Iceland on the way back. When I wasn't marveling at the mountains, I was stuffing my face with cheese. Fondue is one thing, but dear god, have you ever heard of rösti?

It's a freaking hash brown smothered in cheese and topped with a fried egg. In other words: Pure genius on a plate.

So now I have a giant belly full of cheese, and my swim tonight was slow-going, and I'm a little bit worried that I've totally undone the teeny-tiny shred of fitness I've been trying to build over the past two months. But whatever. It was worth it. Because this:


Angela said...

Screw fitness. Because, cheese.

Cat said...

I loved your pics from that trip - some of my favourite, most-missed places!! And cheese.

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