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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Daylight Savings Time. I love it. If it were a person, I'd throw my arms around it and give it a big, huge, slobbery kiss. Because thanks to good ol' DST, I fit in an awesome brick workout Monday night (12-mile ride, followed by 3-mile run) and yesterday managed to ride most of Chalk Hill (just shy of 21 miles) after work with Karen.

You know those people who are obsessed with cycling? I think I get it now. It truly is the best feeling to leave my desk and get on my bike -- it's like a transformation. As cheesy as this sounds, when that wind starts rushing over me, all of the silly worries and stresses of the day are forgotten. (Although this could also be because cycling into a headwind really sucks, and when you're doing it, it's hard to think about anything else.)

This weather. It's March and 70 degrees here. And I spent today's lunch break at the pool with a 900-yard workout (300 warmup, 100 single-arm drills, 200 pull, 8 x 25 on the 45, 50 kickboard, 50 cool down). And if my toenails weren't totally disgusting right now, I'd probably be in sandals.

Cured meats. Last week, I took a fantastic meat-curing and sausage-making class led by Berry from Butcher & Cook and Sarah from Fork Catering. See this slab of pork belly?

It's been covered in salt, garlic and rosemary and curing in my refrigerator for the past week. Tomorrow I get to take it out, rinse it off and figure out where on earth I'm going to put it to finish the curing process. That's right -- I live in a shoebox with two very hungry cats, and I somehow have to find a place to hang a piece of meat for, oh, a good month or so. I'm leaning toward the topmost kitchen cabinet (you know, the one that short people like me pretty much never use because we can't reach it). Will keep you posted.

Scuba. I know I only briefly alluded to getting scuba certified, but it's happening! I finished the classroom and pool work last month, and this weekend, I'm headed to Monterey to tackle the open water skills test -- in what will likely be ridiculously frigid water with only about 5 feet of visibility. But I bet it will still be beautiful down there. Monterey is supposed to have some gorgeous kelp forests.

The one thing that will suck: Hauling all of this stuff around.

It took me four trips to take all of this out of my car and lug it to the pool. Bringing it to the ocean will definitely be interesting.

Europe. It's early, but plane tickets for Berlin have been purchased and a tentative itinerary has been set. Looks like Germany, Slovenia and Croatia (with some diving off the Dalmatian Coast) are in my future. Thankfully, the marathon is in the early part of the trip, so I can go completely food-crazy afterward. Oh, sausage and seafood and palańćinka -- here I come!


Layla said...

Are you the one responsible for this daylight saving time monstrosity??? Sure, I like it being light out longer at night, but just when mornings were getting better, I was robbed of an hour of daylight every morning! My body is still in denial.

I want to go to Monterey! And Berlin! And Croatia! And and and! For now, I will live vicariously through you until I can throw my next trip in your face. :-)

Michaela said...

Layla, I can't wait to hear about Dublin!

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