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Sunday, November 06, 2011

Thanks to the time change and two hungry, yelling cats, I woke up at 5 this morning. (One of said cats insists on sitting in my lap right now, making it very difficult to type this.)

The upside to not sleeping in: I can watch the New York City Marathon. (Sending good thoughts to Layla and Lee Anne! Enjoy every second, ladies!)

Yes, this is slightly painful. I know deferring was the right choice, but it still hasn't been easy. Both my mom and my friends texted me photos from Ippudo this week.

Mom: "I had this for lunch!"

Ulysses (who's in NYC for work): "Ippudo! I love you!"

Thanks, folks -- way to rub it in let me live vicariously through you.

To try to take my mind off of the DNS and the ramen I am not eating, I went for a 32-mile ride in Healdsburg yesterday.

Pretty, right?

Of course, in classic Michaela fashion, shortly after I took this photo, I had a clipless pedal incident and tipped over. (Seriously, how many times must I lean the wrong way before I finally learn?) And then two miles down the road, I had yet another spill at a stop sign and ended up in a planter in front of a whole bunch of people. The fall was so dramatic and stupid that a man in a large truck actually pulled over to ask if I was OK. Yup, I'm a winner.

At least my cat loves me no matter what.


Layla said...

Aww, thanks for the cheers! I'm so sorry you had to defer, but hey, next year I can give you lots of tips! (Biggest one: There is no chance of catching a cab from the finish, which is nowhere near the actual end of the marathon. So plan on getting a hotel on the west side of Central Park, having someone go get a cab elsewhere and return to fetch you, or walk 3+ miles in the cold as I did.)

Anyway, you're still tipping over on the bike and you're still riding? That's admirable! I guess I'm just the Big Wuss!

drock said...

so wrong! NYC will be there for both of us next year!

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