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Friday, May 27, 2011

At last: Friday.

And the end of a ramen dry spell. (Can you believe it's been more than a month since my last bowl?)

A few co-workers and I went to Shimo today for lunch. This relatively new restaurant got its start as a high-end steakhouse that only served ramen at the bar, but the steak didn't do so well while the ramen grew in popularity. Now Shimo is all noodles, all the time -- with just a touch of steak.

The Shimo menu is pretty simple: Choose your noodles (ramen or soba), choose your broth (shoyu, miso, shiso ginger dashi or vegetarian) and then add any extra toppings you may want.

There are also a few appetizer options. We ordered the okonomiyaki, a Japanese mountain yam pancake topped with bonito flakes. (Note the sake in the background. What can I say? It's been a stressful week.)

It was pretty amazingly awesome.

Then the noodles came. My co-workers all went with the shiso ginger dashi, but I wanted to get back to basics. I chose shoyu ramen with a slow-cooked egg and pickled ramps.

Fat noodles!

The verdict? OK. Not earth-shattering. I like Katana-ya and even Suzu better. But I'm pretty happy that at least I can get ramen in Sonoma County now. Added plus: The service at Shimo was fantastic. And bowls start at just $8.

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