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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did my final 18-miler of this training cycle, and I'm happy to report this run was not the GI nightmare that my last 18-miler was. Thank goodness!

In fact, this run was pretty fun because I threw in a 5K Turkey Trot as part of the mileage. My co-worker Lisa had signed up, only to realize she couldn't make it, so I took her entry. (I kind of feel guilty about this because I have never run as anyone else but myself before -- for some reason, I consider it "breaking the rules." Also, I ran that 5K at marathon pace, so Lisa now has a personal worst on her race record.)

The race itself was inspiring since it marked the end of the season for Girls on the Run, a non-profit group that works with third- through sixth-grade girls to help them build a positive self-image through running and exercise. (I can't tell you how much I wish I had been part of something like GOTR at that age. I remember feeling so weak and ridiculous when it came to sports. And don't even get me started about self-image. Let's just say junior high was a painful time.) The vast majority of the runners this morning were young girls and their "running buddies" -- the women mentoring and encouraging them throughout the race.

It was amazing to see so many kids so excited about running! As we waited at the starting line, a lot of them kept saying: "Is it time? When can we go? I just want to run!"

Also, their teeny-tiny Nikes and Asics were pretty damn cute.

Anyway, my total mileage for today consisted of running across town to the race start, running the race, running a few more miles around the race, running back across town and then finishing the workout with strides at the track.

I am so ready to taper!

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