Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Been dealing with a lot of misinformation the past few days. Apparently, there are some reporters who think publishing gossip from unnamed, unassociated sources without verifying facts with any officials is OK. As a result, stories that are completely untrue get printed.

How is this possible? Where are the ethics, the accountability? Since when did In Touch Weekly-style reporting become the model for all forms of journalism? I spent only a very short time in newspapers and the paper I worked for was a teeny-tiny outfit, but I was always told that information had to come from a specific source -- no unnamed sources. I couldn't just repeat hearsay; everything had to be verified.

I don't know what's more frustrating -- the fact that I have been trying to clean up this mess since Saturday, or the fact that journalism has become so compromised. Instead of being angry, I'm just so disappointed.

It's been tough not to dwell on this or take it personally. I have to really force myself to focus on other, more positive things in my life and remind myself that work (and its accompanying drama) isn't everything.

So, a list of the good: Todd's homemade black bean soup. Daylight-saving time and being able to run after work without wearing head-to-toe reflective gear and a head lamp. All of the wonderful counterspace in our new kitchen. Extra-soft spa socks. Happy, purring cats.


janelle said...

Way to maintain a positive attitude! And the soup looks delish :)

Michaela said...

Thanks, Janelle! I'm really trying to think about the good stuff -- it's much too easy to get caught up in being negative.

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