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Monday, June 26, 2006

I heart bratwurst. It's one of the few things at Giants games that's actually worth the price -- $6.50 for a single (but very huge) brat, fresh off the grill and topped with sauerkraut or onions or both. Yum. (Everything else is ridiculously overpriced -- $4.50 for a bottled water! $4 for Minute Maid lemonade! $8 for a beer! $5 for cotton candy! $3.25 for a churro that's probably hard as a rock! Ridiculous!)

I waited in line for that bratwurst. Waited and waited. And while I stood there, I heard a woman about my age tell an older man (about my grandpa's age, were he still alive) she just met while lining up for the bratwurst that her ex-boyfriend of five years was an asshole because she was "giving" and he was "never nice." Since the line was moving slowly, this conversation went on for some time. The older man was very patient and didn't wince when she used the word "asshole." Instead, he said, "So ... did you learn something?"

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