I am not a cool cat

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Unlike Mari, who is perfectly happy to play in the reusable grocery bag and doesn't worry about things like race day weather or GI distress or blisters.

Yes, I am once again relying on cats to offer a pre-race distraction. (Aren't cats wonderful? Don't you just love them? Isn't it entirely obvious why the ancient Egyptians thought they were little gods?)

Unfortunately, the jitters are tougher this time around because I have no idea what 26.2 will be like. And I keep remembering how absolutely brutal my 22-mile training run was and wondering if I am going to experience the same excruciating pain. People keep telling me I'll be in a different mindset on race day -- "game face" and adrenaline and all that -- so I shouldn't worry. Plus I know I can't really change anything now. Marathon training is like studying for a huge exam -- and I'm at the point where if I haven't done the work already, I can't cram it in at the last second.

So all I can do is soldier on toward Sunday. I went to Goodwill tonight and picked up a light jacket (just $3.19!) that I can wear for the first mile or so and then ditch after I've warmed up. I bought my bananas and my chocolate soy milk (which is an awesome recovery drink, by the way) and my pretzels (which work better for my belly than GU). I've confirmed the hotel reservations and double-checked my bib number (rocking the 422!). I've made plans for my pre-race pasta feed -- which actually resulted in a shout-out in a Sacramento Bee blog post and made me feel semi-famous for all of two seconds.

Tomorrow is my last training run. I'm planning to do an easy 30-minute workout and just focus on how good running feels and how much I love it.

CIM countdown: Four days.

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