happy merry christmas

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was just what it was meant to be: Several days of feasting with family.

Our big contribution was Christmas Eve dinner (although we did cook on Christmas Day also). We planned a comfort food-themed meal for my parents, who made the trek up to Chickenland for a few days. Our goal was simple but good -- a meal that hit the spot but didn't require an entire day spent toiling in the kitchen.

This was the menu (paired with Merry Edwards 2007 Olivet Lane Pinot Noir and served on the nice green plates we got for our wedding):

Pot roast
Sweet potato, okra, spinach and red potato salad with capers
Rainbow chard
Macaroni and cheese in a b├ęchamel sauce

For dessert, I made butterscotch pudding topped with whipped cream, which we paired with one of my favorite dessert wines from work.

Ah, full belly.

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