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pre-race thoughts

I’m doing the Liberty Triathlon Olympic -- my first tri of the season -- on Saturday as a practice race for Vineman 70.3 next month.

However, the term “practice” doesn’t mean I’m freaking out any less. Current sources of stress include:

  • It’s going to be 95 degrees and humid on race day.
  • Sleeveless wetsuit or sleeves? (Hell, will I even still fit into a wetsuit?)
  • Tri bike or road bike? I’ve only ridden Minivan (a.k.a. the tri bike) outside twice so far this season, and neither ride happened recently. My last two rides – including a metric century – were on Muppet (a.k.a. the road bike). However, I want to ride Minivan at Vineman. Or do I? Because Vineman is hilly so maybe I should ride Muppet. And Muppet is from Northern California, so this would be like a homecoming for her. But if I ride Muppet, then why do I own Minivan? Shouldn’t I be racing on Minivan? (I actually woke up at 3 a.m. recently and couldn't go back to sleep because of this.) 
  • My left knee hurts. 
  • I feel like I’m about to come down with a cold. 
  • I have not swum in open water since October. 
  • The word “swum.” It’s weird, right? Doesn’t it make you feel weird?
  • Being embarrassingly slow.  

My neuroses is so bad that I told the mister he is not allowed to spectate because I'm certain it's going to be a comedy show, and I don't want him to have to wait around for hours while I muddle through.


Layla said...

But you used "swum" correctly, so that should make you feel better! ("I have ran" drives me BONKERS, as does "have swam.") This is why we are friends.

"Swum" is still kind of weird, though.

Kristina said...

I did an open water swim on Wednesday, 3 days before my first (and quite possibly/probably) last tri of the season, mainly to see if I could still put the damn wetsuit on. Yeah, 10 months between open water swims - probably not ideal...
Good luck this weekend!