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liberty tri race report

When you check your Garmin after the race and realize you swam 1.1 miles.

But the event was an Olympic distance tri.


Other than my scenic tour of Lake Rebecca (which included choosing the wrong buoy to sight on and swimming diagonally across the course toward oncoming traffic), Liberty was great. Yes, I was mosquito bait in the transition area (welcome to Minnesota), and yes, the weather was effing hot -- heard it hit 90 degrees on the run course by 10 a.m.

But the bike was stronger than expected (I did end up riding Minivan), and I was ready for the run -- knew the course, knew it would be hot as hell, planned and executed accordingly.

And while I was never in a place to be competitive (this just isn't something that's ever a reality for me unless there are like three people in my age group), I set a new PR of 3:16:57 (compared to 3:30:01 in 2013 at Monte Rio, which is a fast course with a much easier swim and better weather). So there is hope.

The Minnesota contingent: Me, Kendra, Mandy, Erin

But hands down, the best part of the day was hanging out with my Coeur teammates. Love is an understatement here. These ladies are welcoming, supportive and inspiring -- the women you see giving their all while simultaneously smiling and cheering for everyone out there. I'm especially grateful for Kendra -- the pre-race "therapy session," the post-race McDonald's run. (Hey, we earned it!)

Anyway, as Vineman looms (holy crap), I'm making notes on what needs fixing:

First and foremost, everything about swimming. (You know those stories about people who get struck by lightning and suddenly develop a new skill? Yeah. That kind of miracle.) The list is endless: Sighting. Getting used to what wearing a wetsuit feels like again. Translating all of the work I've put into form in the pool to open water. (Why is it that as soon as I get in a lake, everything I've been doing with my stroke is completely forgotten?)

My left knee, hamstring, IT band, hip. Basically everything about my upper left leg feels borderline scary and needs TLC.

Eating while waiting for my wave to start, especially since my Vineman wave is two hours (that's right -- two hours) after the pro start. Note to self: Bring a bar and finish it.

Shifting. The Liberty bike was rolling; Vineman will be similar, but with larger rollers and three significant climbs. While I'm feeling more and more comfortable on Minivan, shifting at the optimal time into the optimal gear is still a work in progress.

And so it continues! One race down, and so much more to go.

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Kristina said...

Sounds like a great warm-up to the season! Good luck as you continue training for Vineman (yikes, that is a late start). Enjoy the ride.