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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

I'm in Minneapolis for work right now.

Some random thoughts on this travel experience:

It's really dumb to go to Minnesota in January, especially during a historic cold spell.

Wearing two pairs of pants at the same time is very uncomfortable. Wearing two shirts, a fleece, a puffy vest and a down jacket at the same time is very uncomfortable. Running through the airport while wearing all of the above is just terrible.

However, running through the airport and then finding a restaurant that serves Spam for breakfast is the Best Thing Ever.

(Dear Seattle Spam freaks: Go to Waji's in Terminal C. You're welcome.)

It is frightening when the flight attendant warns you to "bundle up" before you get off the plane because the cold will "take your breath away."

It is even more frightening when a man who is completely barefoot comes out of the airplane bathroom. And then you go in and the floor is all wet and the toilet isn't flushed.

It's awkward when you check in at the hotel with two co-workers, and the front desk assumes you will all be sharing a room with one king bed.

The Skyway is pretty cool, although it takes twice as long to get anywhere so you might as well just man up, go outside and put those multiple pairs of pants to use.

When you go to work dinners and you aren't drinking, people will congratulate you on your pregnancy and then tell you everything you didn't want to know about their kids.

Hunting camo is a perfectly acceptable fashion choice. Bonus points if you can outfit your entire family -- baby included! -- in matching print.

There is something called "Sex World," and it looks like it has multiple floors.

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