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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

So everything amazing from the weekend doesn't really apply to today since I'm having a horrible tendinitis flare-up in my right TFL. Sad moment at tonight's team workout when my coach told me to do a dumb easy run around the lake while everyone else did hill repeats. Argh. Also: Why is Berlin less than four weeks away? How can I convince work to let me get a standing desk since sitting for hours every day makes me cry and have self-pity tantrums? And: What the hell does whale poo look like?!

Sorry about that last one. I should probably just Google it, but instead I'm on my kitchen floor in pajamas drinking Pinot Noir.

True story.

Some other random thoughts:

Romance is lame. What really counts is asking someone to be your emergency contact for race registration, etc., when you've moved to a totally new state and your body hurts and you have trust issues. Don't laugh. This is a big deal.

If I tell myself over and over and over again that I'm not really injured, then it's not really true. Right? RIGHT?

Fifteen percent alcohol in a Pinot Noir is pretty damn high. Especially for a Tuesday night.

Today I went to the hardware store on my lunch break (to make spare keys for said emergency contact who will also be baby-sitting my children cats while I am out of town, thus indicating yet another really serious, absolutely terrifying step and god I feel so nervous and more than a little bit flustered just typing that) and I saw a man walking down the street with a giant orange cat just sitting on his shoulder, like no big deal. Dear cats: WTF. Why are we not doing this? Why are you such terrible slackers?! Think of all the joy you are robbing the world of with your laziness.

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