against the odds

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Screw you, universe. I ran anyway.

Despite staying home sick all day yesterday staring at this:

(It's totally a boob, right?)

Despite getting so bored from being home sick that I went to chicken shit bingo in the evening ...

... and what was supposed to be an early night turned into bar-hopping and burrata and the climbing of a street sign (let's add this to the list of things that only seem like a good idea at the time) and then I subsequently absolutely hated myself this morning.

Despite finally getting it together and starting the run only to end up in a thunderstorm and total downpour at Mile 3. (Thank you, Seattle. Thanks a whole damn lot.)

Despite my Garmin dying exactly 10.78 miles into my 18-miler, forcing me to switch to an iPhone app and then do math to figure out how much farther I needed to run. (I hate math normally. Imagine math with runner brain. Even more horrible.)

Despite all of this (and being annoyed at all of the Seahawks fans wearing their Seahawks gear all damn day -- where were my Niners fans?), I ran anyway. 

And it was awesome. 

The rain made for cool, overcast, lovely running weather. And my route took me on a crazy tour of the city -- Capitol Hill to Downtown to Elliott Bay to Interbay to Ballard to Burke Gilman to Fremont to Greenlake to Fremont again.

In fact, I ended up so far away from my starting point that I had to call a cab to take me back.

Thankfully, the cab driver was not a Seahawks fan.


Layla said...

I think the pole climbing should count as cross training. Related: Does your coach read your blog? Hahaha.

Anyway, I'm impressed at your mastery of #drinkmorerunfaster. I believe you've outdone the 16-miler I did a couple years ago and still talk about. Well done!

Michaela said...

Coach Mark must not know about the existence of this blog ever. I'm supposed to be a very serious athlete. (And it's bad enough that he follows me on Facebook and sees all of the cat pictures.)

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