Thursday, April 11, 2013

I have an Olympic distance triathlon in less than 72 hours.

And this is my WTF face.

Because I don't feel ready. My only open-water experience so far this season was MTS, and the water was so frigid I felt like I was hyperventilating. (And Lake Berryessa only promises to be colder.) And I really haven't been running -- maybe once a week max.

My goal for this race: Push aside the nerves and think of this as one mega-sized brick workout -- in other words, the perfect opportunity to practice transitions, work on nutrition (both pre-race and during) and gauge my fitness level.

I'd like to get to the race site Saturday afternoon before packet pickup and go for a quick swim. I know I have the endurance for race day (I swam 2,900 yards yesterday at masters), but I need a sense of what the water temperature will be like. And I need to get my mind in the right place when it comes to the lake. (Dear overactive imagination: There are no sea monsters, dead bodies or sharks down there.)

I also want to drive the bike course (which apparently has two Cat 5 hills, the first of which is right out of transition -- fun!) and the run course.

And then I'll see what happens Sunday.

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