Thursday, October 18, 2012

This was the view from the parking lot at work this morning.

It kind of made me want to shake my fist and yell: "Damn you, tourists, and your morning spent floating around and drinking bubbly while I go to yet another meeting!"


In other semi-work-related news, last night I went to a single malt tasting in San Francisco. The entire event was free, and it included one taste each of four kinds of Scotch. To attend, all you had to do was RSVP online (thus sharing all of your personal information with the lovely marketing team of said Scotch producer).

Which made me wonder: How on earth did they pull off this event? The beverage industry is so regulated. For example, at work, we aren't allowed to give anything away that's worth more than a dollar -- it's against the [very antiquated, Prohibition-era] law. So how did a single malt company manage to give away free Scotch (plus hors d'oeuvres) to hundreds of people?

My guess is the education clause. Calling it an educational seminar (which it was -- the program included a video presentation about where the casks came from, etc.) may have made it legal. Either that, or because an RSVP was required, it qualified as a private event and was therefore OK.

Whatever the case: I wish I had thought of it first. Because it was a pretty cool marketing coupe.


In other news, it was 90 degrees today. And I still ran. (Had no choice but to run on my lunch break, largely due to the aforementioned Scotch event, which resulted in a late evening, which meant I didn't wake up in time to run in cooler morning temperatures.) And I was so spent afterward that I actually had to take a quick five-minute power nap in the car before heading to -- you guessed it! -- another meeting.

Thankfully, the meeting was a tasting of Napa Valley wines priced at $25 or less.

(Now it's your turn to feel the envy. Ha.)

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