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the time of year

... to run a 12K trail race called Hark the Herald Angels (a fitting name, since the race was on Angel Island, which meant divine views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz).

... to wear hideous sweatshirts (confession: not just once, but twice) in public.

... to eat way too much food. (Kimchee pancakes from Biergarten, anyone?)

... to find yourself at Toys R Us, face to face with this ridiculousness:

... to continue to unclip with your left foot and lean the opposite direction, no matter how much you tell yourself not to do this. (Dear bike: I'm starting to think this is abuse. Every time I think I'm getting good, you put me down. Literally. As in, I am lying on the ground beneath you.)

... to make new friends.

... and to spend time with your loved ones (and sport silly manicures while you're at it).

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