the healing process

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I suppose I am healing. It's been slow progress, but I think it's finally happening. It's no longer excruciating to pull myself out of bed into a standing position in the morning. And I'm no longer limping. And I am starting to run again.

Case in point: A little more than a week ago, I ran the Petaluma Moo Cow 5K with my dad.

Aren't we cute?

The 5K was not my original plan; I was supposed to run the half marathon and get a cowbell medal at the finish line, but there was absolutely no way I could've completed 13.1 extremely hilly miles in the shape I was in. So 3.1 it was.

Despite the fact that I didn't get a cowbell medal, I was pretty glad I wasn't running any farther. I started out much too fast on an uphill course, realized immediately that my cardio is just not what it was two months ago and basically just held on as best as I could until the turn-around. And then I held on again on the downhill and prayed my hip wouldn't punish me later.

Mile 1: 9:17
Mile 2: 9:02
Mile 3: 8:18 (Hooray for downhill speed!)
.11 mile at 7:37 pace

I ended up setting a new 5K PR at 27:24 with an 8:50 average pace. (This isn't actually my best 5K time -- I've run the distance faster, just not in a race.) I also came in seventh in my age group, which is the best I've ever done as far as age group ranking goes. (By the way, if you want to laugh, look up my Ukiah results. I ended up next-to-last in my age group! Wow. I knew I was slow, but man, talk about humbling. I really need more open water practice. But I digress.)

Since Moo Cow, I've run only one other time -- did a 5-miler this past Sunday. It started off ugly (seriously, my cardio is completely off -- I thought I was going to die during that first mile), but then I found my legs again and ended up averaging a 9:41 pace, which I'm happy with considering I've been out of the game so long. And there was no pain -- some awkwardness as my muscles tried to remember how to function, but otherwise OK. And I wasn't too sore afterward.

So things look promising. My physical therapist released me from treatment, and my chiropractor appointments are less frequent. And I'm back to doing full hour-long Pilates workouts again instead of 30-minute rehab sessions.

I'm hoping the healing process continues because I have two races coming up next month -- the Healdsburg Half Marathon on Oct. 16 and the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon on Oct. 29. (Seriously, could the organizers have picked more confusing names?)

Oh, and because I really am certifiably crazy, I'm also doing the GranFondo on Saturday. Don't worry -- I'm not doing the full course, just the baby Piccolo route of 32 miles. Um, and in typical Michaela fashion, I haven't ridden my bike since Ukiah. I have, however, taken two spin classes. And I bought a cute pair of bike shorts. (I can't believe such a thing actually exists -- can spandex diapers really be "cute"?) Does that count?


Layla said...

This is all great news! (Even Ukiah, because I remember you saying you'd be dead last, but you weren't!)

I'm wishing I had realized there was a 32-mile option at Gran Fondo, because I might have a bit of a crush on a certain McDreamy celebrity who did it last year... Have fun!!

Michaela said...

And I wish I had told you because it would've been fun to have someone to ride with! The friend who was supposed to go with me is most likely going to bail because he hasn't gotten enough ride time in. (Clearly he doesn't follow the Michaela un-training program of do nothing and pray it works out in the end.)

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