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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Took this photo on my walk to the yoga studio this morning. That's right -- today marked my first downward dog since December or January. It felt good to be back in class, but I'm already sore. And I can only imagine how my muscles are going to feel tomorrow.

Which will be extra-awesome since I'm racing in the morning -- doing the second leg of the Loop de Loop.

Apparently, I've decided to throw all pre-race prep out the window. In addition to starting a new exercise regime the day before a race, I also:

  • Spent the entire afternoon wine-tasting: First, Sonoma Coast and Russian River Pinots at KB pick-up day. Then a stop at Graton Ridge Cellars. (Did you know they make a dessert wine out of apples? It tastes just like an apple-tini.) Then dinner at Rosso, where I had a glass of Sancerre, followed by a glass of Barbera.
  • Ate a ridiculous amount of gluten: Quiche and bread at Water Street Bistro. Flatbread and pizza at Rosso.
  • Consumed even more dairy: Butter pecan ice cream at Screamin' Mimi's (out of guilt, I did order this on a gluten-free cone, which actually tasted just like a normal cone). Burrata at Rosso. (Seriously, if I don't crap my pants tomorrow morning, it will be a miracle.)
  • Completely failed to pick up my race packet ahead of time. Let's hope there isn't a giant mob at the starting line tomorrow.
At this point, I'm debating staying up all night so I can throw zero sleep into the mix too.

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