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les oeufs

Spent so much time discussing proper pronunciation of les oeufs vs. un oeuf in French class tonight that when I came home, all I wanted was an egg.

Thankfully, Todd picked up these lovelies the other day from Green String, a local farm whose chickens roam the fields and aren't cooped up by the thousands in nasty, artificially-lit egg-laying factories. (Seriously, don't get me started.)

As you can see, these eggs are a little small compared to what people are used to finding in the grocery store (in fact, the darker egg on the bottom right came from Whole Foods -- I threw it in there for comparison's sake), but what they lack in size, they make up for in taste! Plus, I just love the color palette -- the hints of blue and green, peach and pink. It's amazing how we grow up thinking there are only two colors of eggs, when so much more variety exists.

I cooked up a pale beige egg sunny-side up and put it on top of a pile of chickpeas, artichoke hearts, squash and tomatoes. I know not everyone likes a runny yolk, but I have to say I'm a total fan.

J'aime les oeufs!

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