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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Today at lunch, I checked out The Garden, a new vegetarian restaurant that opened recently in north Santa Rosa, just off of the River Road exit. Got a takeout order -- baked veggie panini and a side of oven fries.

The restaurant is small, and the owners seem very passionate about vegetarianism. The bookshelf in the front area holds copies of Diet for a New America and pamphlets about how we love dogs yet eat pigs and wear cows. The picture of the cute, pink little pig on this brochure made me feel pretty guilty about being such a pork product fanatic (um, potted pig, anyone?), and all I could think about was my cats and how much I love them and how great animals are and maybe I really shouldn't be eating them anymore.

But I digress. Let's save the vegetarian debate for another night. (And I have many thoughts on this, since I used to be vegetarian. In fact, my decision to forgo meat was prompted largely by Diet for a New America, actually.)

Anyway, the food was good -- not knock-my-socks off, but good. However, what was weird to me was that it came in a styrofoam container, and the woman who took my order asked me if I wanted plastic utensils as well. You'd think that a restaurant that so passionately and vocally advocates the humane treatment of animals and eating consciously and so forth would also do everything possible to preserve their habitat -- you know, maybe use compostable cutlery and biodegradable containers. Bizarre.

If I do go back -- which I probably will because I want to try their hummus wrap -- I won't get takeout.

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