pork problem

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Besides bacon and sausage, I have never cooked anything made from or resembling pork. In fact, aside from the bacon I fried up a few weeks ago, I can't remember the last time I cooked a hunk of meat that didn't come from the ocean.

And yet, I am going to attempt it. This weekend, I and The Man Who Was Vegetarian Until We Started Dating plan to serve up some pork as the main dish for the dinner party we are throwing Sunday. We chose pork because our friend, who happens to be an uber-gourmand, is visiting from Switzerland. We can't imagine him feeling satisfied after the tofu and stir-fried vegetable dishes we usually enjoy. And my attempts at scallops and wasabi-encrusted ahi tuna have been feeble. And I would rather die than touch a raw chicken. And The Man Who Was Vegetarian is sicked out by the texture of beef and lamb.

So we are left with pork.

Naturally, we have been researching pork recipes. Unfortunately, it seems like all of the tastiest-sounding dishes involve a grill. And we don't have a grill -- unless you count the tiny-ass, rusted-out thing that the prior tenants of our apartment abandoned on our back stairs. (I don't think I've even lifted the lid to peer inside; I'm just that scared.)

So ... does anyone out there in the eWorld have any suggestions?

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