Friday, July 18, 2014

Something I always seem to forget after a big race: How long it takes my body to recover. Contrary to my unrealistic expectations, I can't jump right back into training for the race of my life after just completing the race of my life.

Case in point: I did a 30-minute open water swim in Lake Washington this morning, and it straight-up sucked. The water was choppy as hell, so I felt like I was getting tossed around the entire time. And I couldn't breathe. Even after I calmed down and stopped freaking out about the water conditions, I still couldn't catch my breath. Ended up just swimming back and forth along the buoy line. (Coach Mark's words of wisdom: "Don't headbutt anything." He must've heard about my last Lake Washington swim, when I collided head-on with not just one but two other swimmers coming the opposite direction. Oops.)

And the fatigue didn't stop there. The simple act of getting out of the water and walking the short incline from the beach to my car was tough. Apparently my lungs gave their all last Sunday, and I need to be more patient with them.

So this week has been about rest. Today's swim was my first attempt at an actual workout. Mostly, I've just been taking leisurely 30-minute walks around the neighborhood that typically involve a lot of stops for photos of beautiful things and then end up at a restaurant with a glass of rosé and a good book.

See? This is a beautiful thing.

Find the kitty.

No tall people allowed.

I've also been trying to catch up with old friends.

Hello again, Jack. It's been awhile.

In all seriousness, though, I am looking forward to getting back into a regular training schedule again.

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