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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The big first for this weekend: Flying with Muppet.

Maček really wanted to pack the bike box.

Went to the local triathlon store today to learn how to take her apart and properly stow her.


I'll be taking her to another store tomorrow when we land to get her reassembled -- paranoid I won't be able to put her together correctly and my handlebars will fall off mid-race or something. But my goal is take her apart myself Sunday night for the flight home. (Guys, I bought a pedal wrench!)

Final prep also included my pre-race pep talk with Coach Mark today. He had me detail my entire nutrition plan -- timing, calories, target intake, pre-race dinner, pre-race breakfast, etc. Nutrition is what I'm most nervous about -- it's what destroyed my run last year. Mark reminded me that I control my nutrition, so I should quit worrying about it and just make it happen. He also told me to be smart with my foot -- it's been some time since the stress fracture, but I still want to be careful and listen to my body, especially if something seems off.

And then he said: "I thought of you today. I don't know what I ate, but I've been really sick and haven't been able to keep anything down. It's awful."

In other words, when my coach has diarrhea, I immediately come to mind.

(I suppose that's my own damn fault after this incident.)

Despite being apparently permanently associated with poop in the minds of everyone who knows me, I feel good about Vineman. Like I've said before, I've worked really hard over the past six months, and I'm excited to see what will happen on the race course. Mentally, I'm also ready -- instead of being anxious, I feel like I have nothing to lose since I've been through so much hell already this year. Vineman is nothing compared to death and cancer.

Bring it.

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