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Monday, July 21, 2014

Since I royally suck at human relationships firmly believe in giving even the smallest creature (except slugs) a chance at a good life, I adopted a third cat this weekend.

New baby, 11 weeks old, also a Taurus

I've been thinking about this for awhile, largely because Maček, the younger of my two girls, has been losing her mind. (Note: Stop reading here if you don't want to watch me psychoanalyze my cats.) She's almost 2 years old and extremely playful and affectionate, while her older sibling Mari -- who is 8 -- wants to do absolutely nothing but eat, sleep and yowl at me to turn the bathroom faucet on because that is the only water she deems good enough to drink. So when I travel, Maček gets bored and angry and does terrible things: "Mom left me for a triathlon? Well, I'm going to revenge pee in this cardboard box! And when she finally finds it and picks it up, the pee is going to dribble all over her foot!"

True story. (And also, I really did have a yet another sad breakup recently and am now working toward a future that involves acreage on the Olympic Peninsula, a shit-ton of cats and improving my climbing abilities. The nutty lady riding up Hurricane Ridge pulling a trailer full of orange tabbies and -- best part -- everyone is in matching bike helmets because safety first? That's me in 30 years.)

Which brings me to this baby. I found her online via Oasis for Animals and went to meet her Saturday at an adoption event. (Dear Todd and Annie: Thanks for humoring me and tagging along to look at cats. Because I'm pretty sure there's no other way you'd like to spend your weekend.) I fell in love immediately.

Toes like beans!

On the ride home, she insisted on sitting in the passenger seat.

I kept her isolated in the bathroom at first so she'd have a chance to get used to her new home.

"Why is my bed by the toilet?"

It didn't take long for her to start exploring the rest of the house. Maček won't stop following her around. They chase each other, pounce on each other through the curtains (and there go the curtains) and sleep next to each other. This morning, I woke up to Maček cleaning the new baby.

"I can haz sister?"

Mari is taking a little longer to come around. She hisses and growls at both cats, but I think things will be OK eventually. All three of them sat on the couch together last night and there was no fighting or awkward slinking away.

All of my dreams are coming true.

Now all I need to do is win the lottery so I can actually afford acreage. And start working on my quads and lung capacity. Easy, right? Hurricane Ridge, we're coming for you.

(Oh and the new baby's name is Mouse.)

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