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Friday, May 02, 2014

After my last post, you're probably wondering how my training is going, or if it's going anywhere at all.

Somehow, despite being a complete glutton who cannot say no to anything that is smothered in melted cheese, training is still happening. Yes, there have been challenges. For example, today the pool at my new gym (only $25 a month with a 25-yard pool, a vast improvement from the pint-sized 20-yard pool at my old overpriced $130-per-month gym), is closed due to "chemical issues." (Just for the record: This is not because I peed. Well, as far as I know.) But for the most part, I'm sticking to Coach Mark's plan.

Here's a quick update on how things are going.

The Swim

It is now completely normal for me to swim 3,000 yards in a workout. Unfortunately, Coach Mark somehow thinks I can do this in an hour. It takes me more like 1:15. So even though I have the endurance, I'm still so slow that the pool may as well be full of Jello. Which I suppose is probably still preferable to a pool full of pee chemical issues.

"Deep" backwards is ...

I also did my first open water swim of the season last weekend. I was in San Francisco for work, so Kimra convinced me to head to Aquatic Park. You know, because swimming in 57-degree water is something normal people do on a relaxing Sunday morning. 

Of course, I roped Thai and Josh into the insanity too. Because the more the merrier, right?

This is what dumb looks like.

The swim was sort of brutal -- water so cold I felt dizzy and had to swim the buoy line one buoy at a time, baby steps. (Can you use the term "baby steps" if you are not actually stepping?) But I managed all of 30 minutes in the frigid water, and I didn't have a panic attack, so that was an accomplishment. And then I got out and did a transition run, which was especially fun in ice-cold, sopping-wet tri shorts.

But the best part: Check out my awesome, awkwardly-placed wetsuit chafing.

Not a hickey, I swear.

Always a great look when you have two work events to attend afterward. Dear triathlon: Thank you. Rabid "Twilight" fan is apparently a nice option for me.

The Bike

Except for the fact that my Garmin cadence sensor completely crapped out after only two months of use, the love affair with cycling continues. Yes, the indoor trainer rides are tedious (thank god for "House of Cards"), but the heart rate stuff really works -- I can already see a massive improvement in my fitness.

And spring has finally arrived in Seattle, so I've been deepening the friendships I formed at bike camp and riding with my teammate Rachel (who conveniently lives just two blocks away) on a fairly regular basis.

We experience cool shit like this:

Which helps lift our spirits since we live on top of a massive hill, so every time we ride anywhere, our adventures -- no matter how fun and breathtaking they are -- end with a giant climb to get back home. Truthfully, though, the climb is never as bad as we think it's going to be. And I will admit that I am climbing so much stronger than I was last year. Again, I think it has something to do with the tedious trainer work -- boring as hell, but worth it.

That said, I still need to drastically improve my bike skills. For example, it would be nice to be able to safely replace my water bottle in its cage after drinking from it. Currently, my hydrating technique involves freaking out, flinging the bottle on the side of the road and then stopping to retrieve it.

And I'm still working on feeling comfortable in aero.

The Run

Confession: Because this is the sport I know best and because I am afraid of re-injuring my foot, I tend to slack when it comes to running. I have yet to run more than four miles. And most of the time, when my training plan calls for an easy run, I do a ridiculously easy run. Like I'm stopping to look at tulips and pet cats and admire the view of the Space Needle, etc. Snails can probably slime faster than I'm running.

But I still love being out there. Running is the best way to explore beautiful places, like this trail I stumbled on in the Presidio earlier this week.  

I think I'm having an "I miss San Francisco" moment ...

Can you really blame me?

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Layla said...

I'm cracking up at all of this -- except the Presidio trail pictures which just have me jealous.

My bike bottle handling skills involve this thought: "Get the bottle back in the holder or else you'll have to unclip." Works like a charm.

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