Monday, September 02, 2013

I kind of hate when people use that word and aren't referring to the Iliad.

But I really don't know how else to describe the ridiculousness of the past few days (which, let me add, have amounted to the first weekend I've been in town all month). Hence, this moment of vocabulary-induced self-hatred: Epic.

Excuse me while I punch myself in the face.

Anyway, what began with an old-school-Nintendo-themed wrestling cabaret where you got to throw empty beer cans at the wrestlers (god, Seattle has won my heart in an incredible way) Thursday night, spiraled into a food orgasm Friday, followed by drag queens and mesh and yelling the lyrics to New Order songs at the top of my lungs Saturday, then a demolition derby Sunday and today a reunion with my good friends from my very favorite ramen restaurant in Sacramento.

I also ran 14 miles, swam through an algae bloom that looked like vomit (in hindsight, this was probably not the smartest idea), rode a very large ferris wheel, went to two farmers markets, had an incredible cup of tea, got my hair done and cooked enough food to supply me with lunch for the next two days.

In other words: Yes.

And this too:

OK, maybe not this. Maybe anything but this. Though I'd bet money the e-word doesn't make him cringe.

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